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3 “Shazbot” was a catch­phrase used in which 1970s TV se­ries? Which game was orig­i­nally called Six Thou­sand Ques­tions? The fa­mous boxer Joseph Bar­row was best known by what name? 4 Where was coun­try mu­sic star Keith Ur­ban born? State of the Heart was a 1980 hit song for which band?


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9 The area of Pest makes up about two- thirds of which Euro­pean cap­i­tal city? 10 Tim Ro­bards is best known for which TV se­ries? Which team won this year’s Amer­ica’s Cup se­ries? What is the cap­i­tal of Croa­tia? Who plays the role of Jas­mine in Woody Allen’s movie Blue Jas­mine?

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