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MEET Bambi, a six- year- old bor­der col­lie whose story needs to be told. For the past four weeks, Bambi ( be­low) has been ad­just­ing to a new life south of Ho­bart.

Her life now in­cludes things she had never known, such as mov­ing freely, grass, trees, play­ing with peo­ple and other dogs. Bambi craves touch and can’t get enough close­ness. She melts into her new carer’s arms.

Be­fore ar­riv­ing at her new home, this in­tel­li­gent dog spent her life in the cage she was born. She was never touched and spent her days star­ing at the tin wall that faced the front of her cage.

When ap­proached, she would crawl to the corner, face the wall, trem­ble and make her­self as small as pos­si­ble.

Bambi was the last dog res­cued from a puppy fac­tory and her res­cue was trau­matic. She was so fear­ful and pan­ic­stricken at be­ing han­dled she wouldn’t walk, eat or go to the toi­let, in­stead act­ing life­less in the foetal po­si­tion.

Put with ex­pe­ri­enced car­ers, Bambi has slowly fought off most of her demons but can still re­gress to her sad, far- away look. Bambi’s story must serve to help other dogs confi ned in hellish breed­ing cir­cum­stances.

Take a bad story and turn it into a pos­i­tive by us­ing it as mo­ti­va­tion to urge peo­ple to only source pup­pies from reg­is­tered breed­ers of pure- bred dogs or an­i­mal res­cue shel­ters.

Un­less things change, thou­sands more like Bambi will have a life of mis­ery and die in their fi lthy cages to pro­duce pup­pies for peo­ple who do not un­der­stand. Share your views on the pro­posed dog wel­fare stan­dards at www. dpipwe. tas. gov. au/ dogs be­fore November 22. Un­der the pro­posed stan­dards, offi cers will be em­pow­ered to in­spect any premises where pup­pies are bred for sale.

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