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IT SEEMS kind of odd that at a time when Ten can’t buy a rat­ings point, a show as promis­ing as Have You Been Pay­ing At­ten­tion? has slipped qui­etly into the sched­ule. The team be­hind the show is Work­ing Dog, a com­pany with a bril­liant pedi­gree in TV ( Front­line, The Panel). It is, how­ever, a team that likes to do things its own way and no doubt wanted to launch this for­mat with­out fuss. Ex­pec­ta­tions, how­ever, should be high, given it’s hosted by Tom Gleis­ner and that it’s a top­i­cal com­edy- quiz show where guests com­pete to see who can re­mem­ber the most about the week’s events.

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