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1 Who cre­ated the TV se­ries The Mup­pet Show? 2 What sport does Aussie Olympian To­rah Bright com­pete in? 3 Who sang 80s hit Echo Beach? 4 Which AFL team will Dale ‘ Daisy’ Thomas line- up with next year?

5 Who won the lat­est se­ries of Aus­tralia’s X Fac­tor re­al­ity TV show?

6 Who is the pa­tron saint of trav­ellers?

7 Who played Rose Ny­lund in the se­ries the Golden Girls? 8 A how­dah is a car­riage tra­di­tion­ally used on what kind of an­i­mal? 9 Camel spin, can­tilever and death spi­ral are move­ments in which sport? 10 Who writes the se­ries of nov­els which the TV se­ries Game of Thrones is based on?

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