Lots to love about Lot­tie

Amer­i­can bull­dog Lot­tie al­most didn’t make it into the Percy fam­ily’s home, but now they couldn’t imag­ine life with­out her.

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MOR­GAN Percy’s fam­ily pet, 18- month- old Amer­i­can bull­dog Lot­tie, is an ex­citable an­i­mal and prob­a­bly doesn’t know how strong she is. When she bounded up to greet me it was rem­i­nis­cent of be­ing tack­led by a rugby prop.

How did Lot­tie end up be­ing your fam­ily’s dog?

It had been 16 years since our fam­ily had last had a dog and my younger brother Sa­muel was online and found Lot­tie for sale – she was the last pup in the lit­ter. Sa­muel and I had to con­vince Dad to let us get her and even the night be­fore we went to pick her up Dad still said no, but Mum and Sa­muel went and got her the next day any­how. They took her straight to Dad’s work and he fell in love with her in a sec­ond. By the time I had fi nished work that evening and got home, I walked into our house and Lot­tie was asleep on Dad’s lap. Since then you usu­ally catch him in the morn­ing play­ing with her on the ground or shar­ing his Vegemite toast with her.

De­scribe her per­son­al­ity.

As you can tell, she’s very strong and ath­letic. We’re blessed with a mas­sive back­yard so she can run to her heart’s con­tent. Lot­tie loves chas­ing the ball and loves wrestling with us as well. She’s a toy de­stroyer as well; we bought all th­ese re­ally ex­pen­sive chewy toys from [ dog whis­perer] Ce­sar Mi­lan’s web­site and she just de­stroyed them in hours. Af­ter mak­ing that mis­take we went and bought her a $ 3 toy from Kmart and that took at least a cou­ple weeks be­fore we had to throw it out. If there are no toys she re­verts to Darcy’s [ Mor­gan’s boyfriend] shoes, par­tic­u­larly his ex­pen­sive ones and brings them out one at a time and chews on them un­til they’re un­recog­nis­able.

Breeds like Lot­tie’s have rep­u­ta­tion of be­ing fairly in­tim­i­dat­ing and are of­ten with viewed by those who don’t know them with ex­treme cau­tion and of­ten sus­pi­cion … has Lot­tie ex­pe­ri­enced any­thing in that re­gard?

[ Laugh­ing] Just the other day we were walk­ing her down at Mon­trose Bay and she’s just so strong and was tug­ging on the lead a lit­tle and this man was walk­ing to­wards us and saw Lot­tie pulling on her lead and with a con­cerned look of panic, quickly did a 180 and started walk­ing back the way he came. It’s non­sense though, she’s the most lov­ing dog you could fi nd. I’ll ad­mit though she makes for a very good guard dog.

What’s great about hav­ing Lot­tie?

Af­ter not hav­ing a dog in the fam­ily for such a long time she’s made so much of a dif­fer­ence. She’s al­ways a talk­ing point and it’s just great com­ing home and hav­ing some­one al­ways ex­cited to see you.

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