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The di­rec­tors of an­i­mated se­quel Cloudy With a Chance of Meat­balls 2 chew the fat with Neala John­son

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FOOD­I­MALS. For those who missed a term of the zoology course ( or should that be home eco­nom­ics?), food­i­mals are a cross be­tween an­i­mals and food.

Ex­am­ples in­clude the fla­mango, shrim­panzee, hip­potato­mus, buf­faloaf, dou­ble ba­con cheespi­der, mosquitoast and the ta­codile supreme. How did th­ese crea­tures come into be­ing? Well, af­ter in­ven­tor Flint Lock­wood’s FLDSMDFR ma­chine caused the skies to rain meat­balls, pizza, ice cream and ham­burg­ers over Swal­low Falls in Cloudy With a Chance of Meat­balls, the town was aban­doned.

But the FLDSMDFR kept work­ing, so when Flint and the gang re­turn to Swal­low Falls in Cloudy With a Chance of Meat­balls 2, they find the place is now in­hab­ited by mu­tated food­i­mals.

Per­haps even more in­ter­est­ing is how the di­rec­tors of the se­quel to the an­i­mated movie hit de­cided which food- and- an­i­mal crossovers they wanted to use in the film.

“I did some pro­duce sculp­ture us­ing map- tacks for eyes,’’ co- di­rec­tor Cody Cameron says.

Yes, the an­i­ma­tor took real pick­les, straw­ber­ries and pota­toes and what- not into his back­yard, stuck goo­gly eyes on them, took pho­tos, pitched the idea to the stu­dio and voila! Cloudy With a Chance of Meat­balls 2 was good to go.

The first in­stal­ment in the fun an­i­mated film fran­chise was a ho­mage to dis­as­ter movies, co- di­rec­tor Kris Pearn says.

“When we started work­ing on it we were watch­ing all the Bruck­heimer smash- bang­boom films. The meat­ball in the sky, that was our Ar­maged­don.’’

For the se­quel, the pair de­cided the story should be less about some­thing fall­ing on your head and more about the scary things that lurk in the shad­ows.

“So it was a mon­ster movie,’’ Pearn ex­plains.

“We started crib­bing cues from the movies of our childhood, like The Goonies, E. T. and Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

Voice tal­ent re­turn­ing in Cloudy 2 in­cludes Bill Hader ( as Flint), Anna Faris ( as Flint’s love in­ter­est and news reporter Sam), Neil Pa­trick Har­ris ( as Flint’s chimp Steve) and James Caan ( as Flint’s grumpy dad). Co­me­di­ans Kris­ten Schaal and Will Forte are new­com­ers to the crew.

But leg­endary A- Team tough guy Mr T de­clined the chance to re­turn as Swal­low Falls’ po­lice­man, Earl.

“Luck­ily Terry Crews was a fan of the film – he had even been to the pre­miere with his kids,’’ Cameron says.

Crews is a fa­mil­iar face from many com­edy and ac­tion flicks, from Brides­maids to The Ex­pend­ables.

“When we of­fered him the job, he was like, ‘ Please!’ His kids ac­tu­ally said, ‘ Dad, don’t mess it up’,’’ Cameron laughs.

“We told him not to do an im­per­son­ation ( of Mr T’s per­for­mance), but it’s amaz­ing how much he sounds like Earl.’’

Mean­while, the fa­mously gruff Caan found him­self singing along with a bunch of pick­les in Cloudy 2. His re­ac­tion?

“What have you got me do­ing here? My act­ing coach is go­ing to strike me down from heaven!’’

“He was game, though,’’ says Pearn of the vet­eran ac­tor.

“Once we got him singing, the hard thing was to get him to stop.”

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