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Chris­tine Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jen­nifer Lawrence, Jeremy Ren­ner

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AMER­I­CAN Hus­tle opens with the fol­low­ing state­ment: “Some of this ac­tu­ally hap­pened.” Yes, this fan­tas­tic movie is based on a rather fan­tas­ti­cal true story from the 1970s. But that’s not so im­por­tant.

What is im­por­tant about Amer­i­can Hus­tle is that it is per­pet­u­ally alive, alert and ag­gres­sively at­tuned to en­ter­tain­ing an au­di­ence.

For this rea­son alone, this funny, messy and vividly vi­brant af­fair will stand as one of the best things to be re­leased in 2013.

How to best de­scribe the ir­re­press­ibly con­vo­luted plot of Amer­i­can Hus­tle? That takes some do­ing as well.

Let’s go with Argo meets Good­fel­las meets The Sting, with all three get­ting on like a house on fi re.

Meet mid­dle- aged con man Irv Rosen­feld ( Chris­tian Bale). Be­tween the hours of nine and fi ve, Irv runs a chain of dry clean­ers across New York. But 24/ 7, he is fl eec­ing any­one with a pulse and no idea about money.

That’s when he’s not ar­rang­ing his thin­ning hair in a comb- over so elab­o­rate it borders on her­itage ar­chi­tec­ture.

Looks can be de­ceiv­ing. How­ever, when it comes to de­cep­tion, his beau­ti­ful girl­friend Syd­ney Prosser ( Amy Adams) is in an­other league.

Once she starts pos­ing as a Bri­tish aris­to­crat named Lady Edith com­plete with a fault­less plummy ac­cent, Irv’s var­i­ous scams start rak­ing in mil­lions.

That is un­til this cun­ning cou­ple hook the wrong big fi sh.

Richie DiMaso ( Bradley Cooper) is ac­tu­ally an FBI agent and he has se­ri­ous plans for his lat­est catches. Irv and Syd­ney will be­come the prime bait for a covert op­er­a­tion that will en­snare sev­eral cor­rupt politi­cians.

One of the dis­tinct plea­sures of Amer­i­can Hus­tle is its ten­dency to dash off in any num­ber of di­rec­tions in its re­lent­less pur­suit of a great scene.

In the se­cond half of the movie in par­tic­u­lar, many of these great scenes will be com­pre­hen­sively owned by Jen­nifer Lawrence. She plays Ros­alyn, the wife Irv wishes he never had.

The rest of the Amer­i­can Hus­tle en­sem­ble also bring their A- games.

A bald and bloated Bale is not con­tent to let his en­dear­ingly grotesque ap­pear­ance do all the hard work. His in­tu­itive feel for Irv gives the fi lm much of its scur­rilous soul.

Adams and Cooper are al­most on par with Bale, and share some crack­ing scenes as their char­ac­ters fi ght a mis­placed at­trac­tion through­out the movie.

Per­haps the most sig­nifi cant en­dorse­ment that can be made of the act­ing ex­cel­lence on dis­play in Amer­i­can Hus­tle is that even the long- disgraced Robert De Niro re­cap­tures all of his old bril­liance in the space of one fl eet­ing ap­pear­ance here. About Time Ado­ra­tion Amer­ica Hus­tle Cap­tain Phillips Car­rie Coun­selor De­liv­ery Man En­der’s Game Grav­ity Night Train To Lis­bon One Chance Rush Hunger Games: Catch­ing Fire Thor: The Dark World

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