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THE de­fence team for Rudy Kur­ni­awan, found guilty last week in New York for sell­ing mil­lions of dol­lars of fake wines at auc­tion, had claimed that he was sim­ply an in­no­cent player caught up in a busi­ness where “coun­ter­feit wines are ram­pant”. One of Bur­gundy’s lead­ing producers, Lau­rent Pon­sot, said at the trial that ( at auc­tions) “some 80 per cent of wine sup­pos­edly from some of Bur­gundy’s top names might, in fact, be coun­ter­feit”. Another ex­pert wit­ness said, “Out of the thou­sands of bot­tles I have checked, 1433 are coun­ter­feit” while one of the world’s largest wine col­lec­tors now es­ti­mates that a quar­ter of the value of his cel­lar is made up of fake wines bought at auc­tion. New Year’s res­o­lu­tion? Caveat Emp­tor!

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