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WHEN trav­el­ling from Syd­ney to Tas­ma­nia for Christ­mas, Kelly Dou­glas’s most im­por­tant item to pack was her twoyear- old toy poodle, Law­son, whom she af­fec­tion­ately de­scribes as her “fur child”.

What made you de­cide to get Law­son?

I moved to Syd­ney from Tas­ma­nia fi ve years ago and I al­ways wanted a com­pan­ion, so af­ter two and a bit years I was in a sit­u­a­tion where I was liv­ing on my own and de­cided to get him. It was an easy choice to get a toy poodle as I’ve al­ways liked small dogs and he’s a great fi t since I live in an apart­ment and don’t have the space for a larger dog.

Is Law­son quite an ac­tive dog?

Hy­per­ac­tive. He’s highly en­er­getic and loves go­ing to the dog park for a play, he even gets ex­cited if he knows he’s go­ing for a drive in my car. Heather [ Kelly’s flat­mate] and I play a game and just jin­gle the keys and he goes off.

He’s a real so­cial crea­ture; just loves other peo­ple and all dogs when we go to the park, how­ever, he does ex­hibit a wee case of small- dog syn­drome when play­ing with other dogs.

In my opin­ion, Law­son’s al­most hu­man, he’s highly per­cep­tive and very pro­tec­tive of me. It’s just hi­lar­i­ous when I’ve had boyfriends in the past and they’ll go to kiss me and Law­son will sit there and growl at them. He’s per­cep­tive as well be­cause the boys that Law­son doesn’t like gen­er­ally don’t work out!

I no­tice he’s sport­ing a nau­ti­cal scarf to­day.

Yes that’s in aid of the Syd­ney to Ho­bart be­ing on at the mo­ment. I gen­er­ally dress him up in some theme ev­ery day. It might be a beach outfi t if we’re head­ing to the beach and then the other day we put a pash­mina on him with cars on it when I went shop­ping for a new car for my flat­mate. As I men­tioned be­fore about be­ing al­most hu­man, he’s so in­tel­li­gent that when I am try­ing to dress him he al­most dresses him­self ... for in­stance he can lift his arm up and puts it through the sleeve all by him­self.

How well be­haved is he?

Gen­er­ally good but he loves hu­man com­pany so much that he’ll act out if he knows you’re go­ing to go away from him. My flat­mate and I have to close our bed­room doors if we’re leav­ing him at home be­cause he’ll jump up on our beds and wee on them to pun­ish us for not keep­ing him com­pany. He’s only run away once and I was so dis­traught that I called the po­lice be­cause I thought some­one had bro­ken in and stolen him but lo and be­hold he rocked up soak­ing wet at 3am, which was a relief.

What’s great about Law­son?

He’s just very pro­tec­tive and very love­able. No mat­ter what I do he’s al­ways ex­cited to see me. Like I said, he’s just my fur child!

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