Di­nos fail to soar on the big screen

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Di­rec­tors: Barry Cook, Neil Nightin­gale Star­ring: The voices of John Leguizamo, Justin Long, Skyler Stone, Tiya Sir­car.

LET’S go with the good news fi rst. The vis­ual as­pect of Walk­ing With Di­nosaurs is noth­ing short of spec­tac­u­lar. When seen in 3D, it is per­fectly clear from the out­set that the plen­ti­ful pre­his­toric pret­ti­ness will not pose a prob­lem through­out.

The ad­vances made in com­puter an­i­ma­tion since 1999 the orig­i­nal broad­cast date for the land­mark BBC na­ture se­ries from which this movie has been adapted are there for all to see and en­joy.

Now for the bad news. What we come to hear in Walk­ing With Di­nosaurs is not so en­joy­able at all.

Cut­ting straight to the Cre­ta­ceous chase, the di­nosaurs in this mo­tion pic­ture can talk. Worse still, they speak as if they have been roam­ing the vast car parks of mod­ern Amer­i­can shop­ping malls, as op­posed to the lush open plains of a far­away yes­ter­year.

Though their mouths don’t move much if at all th­ese down- with- it di­nos have never met a fart, poop or butt ref­er­ence they didn’t like.

You and your kids bet­ter like- em’, or your fam­ily just might fi nd them­selves fos­silised on the spot. OK, then. Is there a story? Kind of. Our nar­ra­tor, a rather ir­ri­tat­ing bird voiced by John Leguizamo, yaps us through the adventures of Patchi ( Justin Long), a young Tricer­atops with a hole in his head­plate.

Patchi is a bit of a runt, but is one of those char­ac­ters who will grow in stature as he dis­cov­ers strength and courage that be­lies his size, etc, etc. The tribal herd to which Patchi and his big brother Scowler ( Skyler Stone) are al­lied are con­tin­u­ally mi­grat­ing this way and that as the sea­sons dic­tate, oc­ca­sion­ally cross­ing paths with ill- tem­pered dan­ger­ous types like the Gor­gosaurus ( a nim­bler, nas­tier cousin of the T. Rex).

If you’ve seen any of the Ice Age movies, you’ve seen this kind of kid­die- friendly thing done much, much bet­ter.

Though a meek ef­fort has been made to some­times in­tro­duce an ed­u­ca­tional com­po­nent to pro­ceed­ings no doubt to please the own­ers of the Walk­ing With ... brand it isn’t long be­fore it’s back to the goofy high- jinks and inane ban­ter.

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