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FOR Mario’s lat­est out­ing, Nin­tendo has com­bined some of its best ideas, both old and new and in­jected new life into them, in­clud­ing fun new power ups, clever level de­sign and a charm­ing sound­track.

The game’s over- world map is one of the many strik­ing new changes to the Su­per Mario for­mula. You’re no longer locked to a set path as in games past, in­stead you can roam around the world map freely, smash­ing blocks and dis­cov­er­ing a se­cret or two.

As in pre­vi­ous games, there are eight main worlds to ex­plore. Each has its own themed en­vi­ron­ment fi lled with chal­lenges, puzzles and boss bat­tles.

A new ad­di­tion that springs up ev­ery­where are trans­par­ent pipes to travel through. This new game me­chanic lets you nav­i­gate your char­ac­ter ef­fort­lessly be­tween ar­eas, but th­ese can also be used by Mario’s en­e­mies. This leads to a num­ber of cre­ative sce­nar­ios.

While you can play the game alone, switch­ing be­tween four dif­fer­ent char­ac­ters from the Nin­tendo sta­ble, the game­play is ide­ally suited to co- op­er­a­tive play.

You and up to three friends can work as a team to com­plete tasks, util­is­ing the dif­fer­ent strengths and abil­i­ties of each char­ac­ter.

As well as com­plet­ing the puzzles and chal­lenges in each world, there plenty of col­lecta­bles to seek out too. Pre­cious green stars must be col­lected to progress through the game, plus there is a spe­cial stamp hid­den in each world.

My only real gripe with Su­per Mario 3D World is that Nin­tendo has not of­fered a proper online mul­ti­player op­tion, so be pre­pared to fi ll your couch with friends to get the most out of this game as it only supports lo­cal co- op­er­a­tive game­play.

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