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When this hand was played in a club game, the field was mainly in 4H. This is the cor­rect place to play the con­tract but about one- third of the field failed to find the eight card heart fit and played in 3NT. Those who played 3NT from the North side were suc­cess­ful prob­a­bly due to a spade lead. Those who played it from the South side failed as West has no prob­lem find­ing the killing di­a­mond lead. In the nor­mal con­tract of 4H, there are two leads which can de­feat de­clarer. A club lead will al­low East to play both the queen and ace of clubs then a di­a­mond back to West will al­low the killing club ruff. How­ever, no­body should lead any­thing other than a spade when part­ner has bid them. No­tice that the 1S over­call is per­fectly nor­mal. The suit has suf­fi­cient in­ter­me­di­ates to stop any dan­ger from a bad break and penalty dou­ble and there are enough high cards even if though this is near the bot­tom of the range of an over­call. It is im­por­tant to bid the spade suit if at all pos­si­ble and part­ner will of­ten draw in­fer­ences from the fail­ure to bid spades when one might. the queen has no ad­van­tage with the king known to be with East. East also plays small and de­clarer wins the jack. De­clarer fol­lows the stan­dard de­clarer plan of draw­ing trumps first with the third round be­ing won by the king. The jack of clubs is now led and run to East’s queen. East knows ex­actly what the spade po­si­tion is and needs to get West in to lead another one through the queen. The only hope is to lead the 8D ( to sug­gest not re­turn­ing a di­a­mond) and, for­tu­nately, West can win with the ace. It is clear to West to re­turn another spade. Even if it is un­clear what is hap­pen­ing in spades them­selves, the de­fend­ers clearly have no di­a­mond tricks be­cause of the lead of the 8D and de­clarer is play­ing clubs so the de­fence does not need to. Thus, even a de­fender who is only half awake should find the spade re­turn set­ting up the de­fen­sive spade trick be­fore the AC is knocked out.

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