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ASUS sure has a lot of prod­ucts un­der the Trans­former line. The TF701 is an An­droid tablet with an as­ton­ish­ingly nice 2560x1600 pixel dis­play and an in­cluded key­board that also acts as a bat­tery pack, more than doubling the bat­tery life. Like most 8- inch key­boards, the TF701 is a lit­tle on the cramped side, but for in­ter­mit­tent use it’s quite fair. When not in use, it folds down into what ap­pears to be a tiny ul­tra­book form, or you can un­clip it if you’re just af­ter the tablet part. An­droid isn’t quite the pro­duc­tiv­ity app pow­er­house that Win­dows 8 is, al­though the un­der­ly­ing Quad- Core NVIDIA Te­gra4 pro­ces­sor does make this a very nippy An­droid de­vice for just about any task.

AF­TER spend­ing more than two decades col­lect­ing dust on a shelf, this black sheep in the Cap­com fam­ily of clas­sic ar­cade games has fi nally resur­faced.

Reimag­ined for a new gen­er­a­tion of gamers, this lat­est in­stal­ment of Strider tries to blend old school game­play prin­ci­ples with a mod­ern twist of chal­lenges.

The clas­sic 2D side- scrolling game­play re­turns, as you once again con­trol the se­ries’ pro­tag­o­nist – an ag­ile Ninja with his trusty plasma sword.

Strider plays much like an ac­tion plat­former, but with a 2D feel. Aside from the com­bat and ex­plo­ration, you can now level up the main char­ac­ter and his main weapon, and also gain additional abil­i­ties which al­low ac­cess into new ar­eas to ex­plore. These new fea­tures aren’t a key fo­cus and don’t re­ally add a great deal to the over­all game­play.

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