BELKIN $ 49.95 www. belkin. com. au www. har­veynor­man. com. au THIS handy de­vice has be­come the first thing

Rod Ch­ester and Alex Kid­man look at some handy tech­nol­ogy to take with you when you’re on the road

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Plug in to travel tech


Net­gear $ 69 net­gear. com. au THIS travel router will an­swer the prayers of many who have suf­fered pa­thet­i­cally slow ho­tel wi- fi. It has flip- out power prongs so you don’t need to carry an­other power adap­tor, plus you can charge your de­vices from its USB port. It has a built- in an­tenna and lets you turn a sin­gle- wired net­work con­nec­tion in your ho­tel room into your per­sonal wi- fi net­work for all of your de­vices. It lets you power it off your lap­top ( us­ing mi­cro USB) to turn a pub­lic hotspot into your own pro­tected and pri­vate net­work.

Livescribe $ 199.95 livescribe. com

LIVESCRIBE’S lat­est in­tel­li­gent pen does what its pre­vi­ous pen of­fer­ings have done. It records au­dio and matches it up, pen stroke for pen stroke, with what­ever you write on spe­cialised pads of paper. It’s neat tech­nol­ogy for any­one who needs to take notes be­cause you can eas­ily skip to the im­por­tant bits of a con­ver­sa­tion. The Smart­pen 3 brings some­thing new to the draw­ing board. Where pre­vi­ous pens had mi­cro­phones and stor­age on- board, the Smart­pen 3 pairs with an iPhone and uses its stor­age and mi­cro­phone in­stead. When it works it can be very good, but there are some lim­i­ta­tions. Be­cause it’s based around your iPhone, if the app crashes it can take record­ings with it, which is an­noy­ing.


LG $ 149 www. lge. com. au WHEN you’re on the go, a wire­less mouse makes a lot of sense, but what if you have in­for­ma­tion to scan? This is where LG’s Mouse Scan­ner comes in. It’s a wire­less mouse in its ba­sic colourful form, but plug in a USB ca­ble and in­stall its soft­ware and the base of this mouse will scan any­thing un­der­neath it, as well as save it as an im­age or text file via op­ti­cal char­ac­ter recog­ni­tion. At the price it’s a spe­cialised mouse, but if you need on- the- go scan­ning, it works well enough.


we pack when head­ing over­seas ( af­ter the pass­port). It has five in­ter­change­able plugs, and with two power out­lets plus two 1.5 Amp USB charg­ing ports, it will han­dle all your charg­ing needs. The only thing to note is that, like any charg­ing de­vice or power adap­tor, the place­ment of power points in some ho­tel rooms can make us­ing a large adap­tor like this dif­fi­cult.


Sea­gate $ 239 www. sea­gate. com www. har­veynor­man. com. au IF YOU’RE al­ways on the move and us­ing a range of de­vices, one of the chal­lenges you face is hav­ing all of your files and me­dia with you. With 1TB of stor­age, you can load up the Sea­gate drive with all the movies and mu­sic you want. It’s easy enough to set up as it broad­casts a WI- FI sig­nal you con­nect to us­ing an iOS or An­droid de­vice and, un­like re­ly­ing on cloud ser­vices, you don’t need an in­ter­net con­nec­tion to ac­cess your files.

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