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RRP: $ 89 ( re­viewed on PS3)

Imust ad­mit, fol­low­ing a poor track record of li­censed games, I held lit­tle hope for this new South Park game.

Stick of Truth isn’t per­fect, but it’s a solid role- play­ing game and ar­guably one of the fun­ni­est games of all time.

In this all- new story, South Park’s rat­bag lads are play­ing elves ver­sus hu­mans in a fan­tasy, live- ac­tion role­play­ing game. In short, lore has it he whom holds the sa­cred Stick of Truth con­trols the uni­verse, so ev­ery­one wants to get their hands on it.

The game’s script is as sharp and witty as any of the TV episodes, with the usual in­ap­pro­pri­ate digs at ev­ery­thing from so­ci­ety to video gam­ing.

You start out by cre­at­ing and cus­tomis­ing a char­ac­ter based on any of the main char­ac­ters and from there the game does ev­ery­thing to make you feel you’re part of the neigh­bour­hood.

As the game pro­gresses, you’ll meet and talk with al­most ev­ery other char­ac­ter in South Park.

As a turn- based game, play swaps back and forth be­tween al­lies and en­e­mies. Each ally can use one item and per­form one at­tack per turn. At­tacks can be melee, ranged, magic or sum­mons.

Rather than a sim­ple but­ton press, each at­tack has its own on- screen ac­tions that must be well timed to ex­e­cute the move suc­cess­fully.

De­fend­ing is just as ac­tive, re­quir­ing sim­i­lar timed ac­tions to de­crease the dam­age.

Com­plet­ing mis­sions, hunt­ing through the en­vi­ron­ment, or sim­ply vis­it­ing shops through­out the king­dom, you’ll gain new outfi ts. Mix­ing and match­ing items is not just for cos­metic benefi ts ei­ther – they en­hance your char­ac­ter’s abil­i­ties in com­bat.

Stick of Truth isn’t aimed at vet­eran role- play­ing gamers, but it hasn’t been dumbed down for the masses. It man­ages to clev­erly com­bine one of the pop cul­ture suc­cess sto­ries of this era with a well- es­tab­lished video- game genre in a way no­body saw com­ing.

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