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YOSHI’S NEW IS­LAND RRP: $ 59 ( re­viewed on Nin­tendo 3DS)

YOSHI’S New Is­land in­tro­duces Nin­tendo’s romp­ing green di­nosaur to a world of 3D. But as for how much is shiny and new, that’s an­other story.

The plot re­mains the same from the last game and, for the most part, the game­play hasn’t changed much ei­ther.

Play­ing as Yoshi, with Mario on your back, the ba­sic aim is to reach the end of each sec­tion with the baby still on board.

But rather than a typ­i­cal plat­form­ing ex­pe­ri­ence, the fo­cus is to take your time and thor­oughly ex­plore the lev­els.

Help­ing the game feel fresher, Yoshi has new abil­i­ties. In ad­di­tion to be­ing able to use his long tongue to catch and swal­low en­e­mies, then spit them back at ob­jects, he now has ac­cess to a Mega Eg­gdozer and its two weapons.

One of the eggs can plough through ar­eas with ease, while a heav­ier metal egg lets Yoshi travel un­der­wa­ter – plus it can roll over en­e­mies.

Yoshi turns into sev­eral dif­fer­ent ve­hi­cles dur­ing cer­tain stages and is con­trolled by tilt­ing the 3DS por­ta­ble con­sole, though this game me­chanic felt clumsy and poorly im­ple­mented. The vi­su­als are a mixed bag, too. While the 3D ef­fects add a wel­come depth of fi eld to the game­play, the com­bi­na­tion of crisp, vi­brant char­ac­ters in the fore­ground and child­like chalk­board draw­ings in the back­ground clash ar­tis­ti­cally.

The all- im­por­tant end- of- level boss bat­tles, which have been chal­leng­ing in the past, have been dumbed down; the only penalty you face is hav­ing Mario fall off

For­tu­nately, the game’s re­play value is high. You can re­visit lev­els at any time to try to lo­cate ev­ery col­lectable item and hid­den area.

There are also bonus lev­els ac­ces­si­ble only in the two- player mode. I like that only one copy of the game is needed, as you can share it wire­lessly dur­ing this mode.

Yoshi’s New Is­land is ideal for that quick fi ve- minute gam­ing fi x, but don’t ex­pect a great deal of change from his last out­ing, eight years ago.

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