An in­trepid ex­plorer

Don’t be fooled by the small stature of Fern Tree Uni stu­dent Dan Brown’s 15- year- old Jack Rus­sell, Mutji. As it turns out, the pint- sized pocket- rocket has a real sense of ad­ven­ture and is lit­er­ally afraid of noth­ing

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You got Mutji when you were liv­ing in the North­ern Ter­ri­tory – did her name orig­i­nate from your time up there?

Yeah, we were liv­ing in Nhu­lun­buy at the time and Mum and Dad were work­ing at the school at the Abo­rig­i­nal com­mu­nity of Yir­rkala. I had been pes­ter­ing Mum and Dad for a dog in­ces­santly and they fi nally caved in and brought Mutji from a breeder in Dar­win and had her sent over to Nhu­lun­buy.

We had all these nor­mal names picked out but Mum and Dad took it to the school in Yir­rkala and all the lo­cals started point­ing to it and say­ing, “mutji, mutji, mutji”.

When we asked what was go­ing on, it was ex­plained that the lo­cals at Yir­rkala had never seen a pure­bred Jack Rus­sell be­fore and “mutji” was an ab­bre­vi­a­tion of bandi­coot in one of the indige­nous di­alects, and so the name just stuck. And Mutji defi nitely show­cases a real sense of ad­ven­ture, doesn’t she?

She’s a pretty recog­nis­able ca­nine around Fern Tree be­cause she likes to es­cape and go on ad­ven­tures. Her lat­est es­capade in­volved slip­ping through the back door and be­ing found at the Fork in the Road round­about at Kingston seven hours later.

We also have a three- year- old King Charles Cav­a­lier called Mintie and so for the past three years Mutji has also had com­pany on most of her ad­ven­tures. It’s noth­ing out of the or­di­nary for the both of them to go on walk­a­bouts for a day and a half be­fore rock­ing back up on the doorstep.

She seems pretty sprightly for a 15- year- old?

I took her to the vets only re­cently and aside from a touch of arthri­tis, which you’d ex­pect, she’s in pretty good shape. Sprightly may be the wrong ad­jec­tive – an­gry is prob­a­bly a closer fi t, she defi nitely has an at­ti­tude on her.

It’s a rare oc­ca­sion if I take Mutji and Mintie to the beach and we leave with­out her get­ting in a scrap with an­other dog. As soon as she’s off the leash she’ll go and pick a fi ght, doesn’t mat­ter what size the other dog is, she will back her­self, even in the golden years she’s in right now.

Ad­di­tion­ally she is ul­tra- de­fen­sive of Mintie and if an­other dog even looks at Mintie the wrong way she will get stuck in im­me­di­ately. She is just an an­gry in­de­pen­dent woman! She just seems to be chock- a- block full of char­ac­ter?

She has heaps of char­ac­ter and that’s what I love about her; she’s not just a lap­dog and won’t bow to your ev­ery com­mand.

She’s very strong- willed and as men­tioned, an­gry. If she can catch it, she’ll kill it. Let’s just say we haven’t seen a rab­bit around our property for a long, long time.

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