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The big­gest story in bridge in re­cent weeks has been the cheat­ing ver­dict against Michael Eli­nescu and Entscho Wladow. They are both med­i­cal pro­fes­sion­als and were known around the traps as the “Ger­man doc­tors”. They were found guilty of cheat­ing in the world cham­pi­onship in Bali last year. When sus­pi­cions were raised, the au­thor­i­ties covertly filmed them to gain ev­i­dence. They cheated by cough­ing. Dur­ing the auc­tion, the num­ber of coughs showed which suit they were short in and they also used the cough code to ask for par­tic­u­lar leads. The Ger­man team was stripped of their gold medal in the se­niors event but the rest of the team were ex­plic­itly cleared by the WBF. The pair were banned from play­ing to­gether in WBF events for life and banned in­di­vid­u­ally for 10 years. It is not clear if there is go­ing to be an ap­peal. To­day’s hand has a 100 per­cent safe line of play but it is hard to find. The auc­tion was dif­fi­cult for South af­ter the 4S pre­emp­tive raise. With only three ap­par­ent losers, South took the push to 5H and re­ceived a spade lead. Be­fore read­ing on, you might like to see if you can find the sure trick line for 11 tricks. At the ta­ble, de­clarer trumped the spade, played a trump to the jack, ruffed the last spade and drew the last trump. When ace, king and an­other club failed to set up a third club trick, the last club was ruffed and de­clarer lost two di­a­monds. If you don’t ruff the club then the king and jack of di­a­monds will be in the other hands so two clubs and one di­a­mond will be lost. With ex­tra trumps, it looks right to try an elim­i­na­tion play but not the ob­vi­ous one. Af­ter ruff­ing the lead, draw trumps and cash the ace and king of clubs. Now play a trump to dummy and lead the last spade dis­card­ing a club. If East wins and re­turns a club, dis­card a di­a­mond. If West has the QC, the other di­a­mond will be dis­carded on the JC. If West wins and leads a club just cover his card and again dis­card both small di­a­monds. Try all the mi­nor suit lay­outs to see that this line is 100 per­cent.

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