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SCOTT and Ni­cole Farrow, of Le­nah Val­ley, are two of Ho­bart’s most pas­sion­ate theatre per­form­ers, but the real star – and the tough­est critic – in their eyes is their six- year- old labrador Barry.

So, four years into your re­la­tion­ship you both de­cided it was the right time to get a dog?

Ni­cole: We’d been giv­ing it a lot of thought for a while be­fore that but we fi nally de­cided on a labrador af­ter much dis­cus­sion.

Scott had a labrador when he was a kid and we both agreed on one be­cause of their beau­ti­ful tem­per­a­ment and be­cause they’re an in­side and an out­side an­i­mal.

There was a lit­tle bit of com­pro­mise in­volved, though. Scott was dead- set on a choco­late­coloured boy and I wanted a golden girl, so Barry was the ob­vi­ous choice – es­pe­cially when we saw him for the fi rst time.

Scott, you work at Club Ca­nine and re­cently be­came a fully ac­cred­ited dog trainer. It must be a real bonus be­ing able to take that ex­pe­ri­ence home to Barry?

Scott: Barry has been re­ally easy to train; it’s all about re­ward­ing him for the good things.

I’ve ac­tu­ally taught him to go to the bar fridge on the com­mand “get the drink”, and he gets out a drink and brings it back.

I at­tached a strap to the door so he can open it with his mouth and then he grabs a plas­tic bot­tle of wa­ter and brings it back. All I’m wait­ing for is a com­pany to bring out beer in plas­tic bot­tles and I’ll be a ge­nius.

Ev­ery now and then he’ll do some­thing naughty like tip the kitchen bin over when we’re not home and for­age through it, but he’s a dog and some­times the temp­ta­tion is just too overwhelming.

Aside from Barry, your other joint pas­sion is per­form­ing in theatre. What does Barry make of it when you are re­hears­ing at home?

Ni­cole: If we’re prac­tis­ing at home and, say, sing to him, he usu­ally gets up and slinks out of the room – which, as you can imag­ine, does won­ders for your confi dence.

He’s into theatre as well, though, and en­joys get­ting dressed up in cos­tumes. He’s quite the per­former and people keep ask­ing us when Barry is go­ing to get his own Face­book page.

What are the best things about Barry?

Ni­cole: Aside from the com­pan­ion­ship, I guess be­ing a great con­stant in our lives; his opin­ion of us never changes. He’s just pure love.

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