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By John Har­vey, Ar­row

JOHN HAR­VEY has a few crime se­ries on the go. Care­ful char­ac­ters with enough idio­syn­cratic be­hav­iour to ap­peal, and not too much so you won’t get bored.

Jump straight into the third Frank El­der book, a re­tired de­tec­tive who lives a semi her­mit like ex­is­tence, brought back to the city as a favour to his ex- wife. A friend’s sis­ter is miss­ing. She hasn’t been home in a while. And when she re­turns, she’s been dead a while. I re­ally en­joy Har­vey’s style, it’s a lit­tle old school, like his char­ac­ters.

So­lu­tions come about from leg work and people, not just foren­sics and mi­cro­scopic break­throughs.

There are un­likely twists that don’t wait till the end of the story to spin you in an­other di­rec­tion.

No crime fic­tion is for the faint hearted. This is not a warm fuzzy story, and it hints of darker, ear­lier tales but it’s not as vi­o­lent and as graphic as oth­ers. It makes for a per­fect fire­side read.

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