Sunday Tasmanian - Tassie Living - - PETS - Luke Bow­den So Sam, if Diesel is a ju­nior, who was Diesel se­nior? How would you de­scribe his per­son­al­ity? Af­ter you found out he had lym­phoma, both Sarah and yourself started the Face­book page Dig Deep for DJ. What’s the re­sponse been like? What’s great

SAM Bul­lock and Sarah Robin­son’s fouryear- old English staffy, Diesel Ju­nior, or “DJ” for short, was re­cently di­ag­nosed with lym­phoma and is in des­per­ate need of a bone mar­row trans­plant.

So much so that Sam and Sarah started a Face­book page to raise money for DJ’s treat­ment and have been ab­so­lutely overwhelmed by the gen­eros­ity of oth­ers. As a kid we had a staffy- cross blue heeler called Diesel and then about fi ve years ago, when I was liv­ing on the Gold Coast, I went to a mate’s house whose staffy had just had a lit­ter of pups.

I had no in­ten­tion of get­ting a dog, but Diesel Ju­nior was the fi rst of the lit­ter that came up and started play­ing with me and he was the spit­ting im­age of Diesel se­nior, with the ex­act same black and white face.

He was only two and a half weeks old but I said to my friend, “He’s mine” and as soon as he was old enough he came home with me.

He’s a well- trav­elled dog as well, loves be­ing in the car, which is good be­cause he’s done about four trips to Queens­land and back in the past four years. He’s very well be­haved. If I make din­ner I can leave it on the ta­ble within reach of DJ and leave the room and he wouldn’t think of touch­ing it. That said, I al­ways give him some­thing from my din­ner, so he knows he’ll al­ways get a treat.

He’s pretty chilled out; when we were liv­ing in Queens­land we came home one day and all the fl oors were cov­ered in blood – he had pretty much ripped one of his toes off some­how but he was com­pletely non­plussed about it.

The vet wasn’t very confi dent they could save it, so he lost the toe on his hind leg, but it hasn’t slowed him down at all. Re­ally up­lift­ing – com­plete strangers have al­ready do­nated to help cover the cost of DJ’s treat­ment. One lady who do­nated even went the ex­tra step and of­fered to pay for some of the chemo­ther­apy ses­sions he’ll have to have.

For both of us, DJ fall­ing ill has come at such a bad time, as we’re ex­pect­ing to have our fi rst child and we’re also in the midst of ren­o­vat­ing the house, so the gen­eros­ity shown by strangers, and friends and fam­ily, has just com­pletely re­stored my faith in people. For people who don’t even know us to do this and even read­ing the mes­sages of sup­port people have sent to us is the best thing that’s hap­pened to us lately. Just sit­ting here chill­ing with him on the couch. Our dogs aren’t just pets, they’re fam­ily. If you are in­ter­ested in fol­low­ing DJ’s story or donat­ing to his treat­ment, please visit the Dig Deep for DJ page on Face­book.

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