Tablet tough to swal­low

There is much to like about Nokia’s fi rst tablet/ lap­top, but price is not one, writes Alex Kid­man

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NOKIA’S fi rst tablet is a beau­ti­fully de­signed de­vice that very closely re­sem­bles the Lu­mia line of phones.

It has smooth edges that hide a SIM card slot, vol­ume and power but­tons.

The un­der­ly­ing hard­ware is pow­er­ful, with a 10.1- inch full- HD dis­play panel, 32GB of on- board stor­age plus mi­croSD and a 2.2Ghz Snap­dragon 800 pro­ces­sor un­der the hood.

The screen is bright and clear, even in di­rect sun­light, and it’s re­ally only when you use touch fully that you ap­pre­ci­ate the Win­dows touch ex­pe­ri­ence.

Mi­crosoft’s pitch to the tablet crowd has tended to aim at those who needed to cre­ate con­tent, rather than those who con­sume it, and with that in mind the Lu­mia 2520 also has an op­tional $ 240 power key­board case which adds a solid key­board, two USB ports and a 2027 mAh bat­tery.

It pro­vides a solid mag­netic clip for a sin­gle lap po­si­tion, and works very well in­deed.

Even with­out the power key­board at­tached, we sailed through more than 10 hours of video play­back with­out se­ri­ously trou­bling the Lu­mia 2520’ s in­ter­nal bat­tery.

All of this might sound as though there’s noth­ing but praise to heap on the Lu­mia 2520, but un­for­tu­nately the pos­i­tives are out­weighed heav­ily by neg­a­tives.

It’s a Win­dows RT tablet, join­ing sta­ble­mate the Sur­face 2 in run­ning Mi­crosoft’s cut- down Win­dows vari­ant.

This is fi ne if you just need ba­sic Offi ce, which is in­cluded, or sim­ple tablet tasks, but it’s an­noy­ing be­cause while it acts like Win­dows 8.1, it isn’t Win­dows 8.1 at all.

You’re limited by what’s avail­able in the Win­dows RT App store and while that has been im­prov­ing, it still feels stupidly small given the en­tire look and feel of Win­dows RT is iden­ti­cal to that of Win­dows 8.1 it­self.

But the big prob­lem is price. At $ 840 out­right its price is com­pa­ra­ble with com­pet­ing tablets. How­ever, it’s priced lo­cally much higher than it is over­seas. In the US, for ex­am­ple, it can sell for $ 499.

That high price re­ally hurts, es­pe­cially if you bun­dle in the Power Key­board. Do that, and it com­pares to the much bet­ter Sur­face Pro 2 lap­top. If you don’t need the key­board case and can tol­er­ate Win­dows RT, the Sur­face 2 is $ 300 cheaper.

That’s a huge price dif­fer­ence for the Lu­mia 2520’ s 4G LTE, which is the key dif­fer­ence be­tween the two.

Nokia/ Mi­crosoft’s lap­top hy­brid is pretty and pow­er­ful, but they’ve given lit­tle rea­son to buy one.

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