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RRP: $ 89.95 ( Re­viewed on Xbox One)

THE Wolfen­stein video- game fran­chise dates to the early ’ 80s, and is praised as one of the pi­o­neers of the pop­u­lar 3D fi rst- per­son shooter genre.

I re­mem­ber hud­dling around the IBM PC at my best friend’s house, watch­ing him play the orig­i­nal game, since his fam­ily had the only home com­puter in our street. Af­ter more than two decades, de­vel­oper id Soft­ware has handed the rights for the game to new Swedish de­vel­oper MachineGames.

The game is set in an al­ter­nate re­al­ity in 1946 and fast- for­wards to 1960, af­ter the Ger­mans have won World War II.

You’re once again placed in the Doc Martins of the se­ries pro­tag­o­nist B. J. Blazkow­icz, who awak­ens from a 14- year coma and seeks to help the Re­sis­tance thwart the Nazis’ evil plans.

The cam­paign mode takes roughly 15 hours to com­plete and, since there is no mul­ti­player of­fer­ing, the de­vel­oper has in­tro­duced in­ter­est­ing ways to keep you com­ing back. Find­ing puz­zles hid­den in var­i­ous lev­els un­locks dif­fer­ent mod­ifi ers that shake up the game­play.

Al­though the story- driven cam­paign mode is lin­ear, there are of­ten mul­ti­ple paths to com­plet­ing ob­jec­tives. You of­ten have the choice to use stealth but, whichever way you like to play, you’re re­warded with perks the more you per­form the same ac­tions. There are dif­fer­ent re­wards for those who pre­fer to be sneaky com­pared with those who like to run around with all guns blaz­ing.

Stylis­ti­cally, The New Or­der de­liv­ers a vis­ually im­pres­sive mish­mash of a retro ’ 60s set­ting and ex­per­i­men­tal cy­borg tech­nol­ogy that looks a treat on the new­est video- game con­soles.

While MachineGames hasn’t strayed far from the se­ries’ tra­di­tional game­play, the fo­cus on its en­gag­ing story and char­ac­ters are a re­fresh­ing change.

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