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bat­ter­ies of a fl at mar­riage by sneak­ing a cam­era into their bed­room.

A breezily sleazy mon­tage early in pro­ceed­ings swiftly es­tab­lishes that once upon a time An­nie and Jay just couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Then came the wed­ding, kids, jobs, mort­gages and all the other anti- aphro­disi­acs the mod­ern world can throw at two lovers.

So far, so fa­mil­iar? Well, if you re­mem­ber Date Night with Steve Carell and Tina Fey, all you need to do is re­move the gang­ster bits and add some im­plied porn. Sex Tape de­liv­ers the slightly fun­nier ren­di­tion of the same ba­sic premise, by the way.

Af­ter An­nie and Jay shoot an epic three- hour adap­ta­tion of that fa­mous ’ 70s love­mak­ing man­ual The Joy of Sex, the old spark seems to have re­turned. How­ever, all it takes is one ac­ci­den­tal upload to “the cloud” – does any­one re­ally know what or where that is? – and pretty soon, fam­ily and friends alike are poised to down­load the marathon sex- trav­a­ganza.

What fol­lows is a crazy all- night ad­ven­ture ( echoes once more of Date Night) where An­nie and Jay scam­per all over town try­ing to re­voke ac­cess to their amorous am­a­teur opus.

Put sim­ply, they have to col­lect about six iPads and break into offi ces hous­ing a pop­u­lar porn- stream­ing server.

For the most part, Sex Tape as­pires to surf the same big, broad waves of blue laugh­ter as Brides­maids or Knocked Up, but never catches a ride for too long.

At best, it’s a pass­able hy­brid of raunch- com and rom- com stylings where the good bits just out­num­ber the dud bits.


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