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THERE hasn’t been a uni­corn cus­tard with elves’ tears this sea­son, but some of the chal­lenges have come pretty close. Here are the three most di­a­bol­i­cal:

Lemon, lime and bit­ters

It looked like a lemon, but Ge­orge Calom­baris’ ( pic­tured, be­low) foray into He­ston Blu­men­thal ter­ri­tory was ac­tu­ally a sphere of choco­late, lime jelly and curd, dis­guised as a lemon.

The choc- top

Who makes a choc- top from scratch? Nick Palumbo from Gelato Messina, for one. Recre­at­ing his salted caramel- themed de­light re­quired al­most, but not quite, burn­ing the caramel, and tak­ing a 15- sec­ond win­dow to roll the su­gar cones with­out them shat­ter­ing.


With­out the recipe Each of the three con­tes­tants had a bit of the recipe, but none of them had it all.

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