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MOD­ERN COM­BAT 5: BLACK­OUT RRP: $ 8.99 ( Re­viewed on iPad Air)

GAMELOFT’S Mod­ern Com­bat se­ries has en­joyed wide­spread ac­claim as one of the most pop­u­lar games on mo­biles and tablets.

And now, 18 months on from the pre­vi­ous in­stal­ment, the long- awaited

Mod­ern Com­bat 5: Black­out is avail­able, boast­ing up­dated graph­ics, a fresh sto­ry­line and in­ter­est­ing new weapons.

One of the key im­prove­ments are the vi­su­als. From the char­ac­ters to de­tailed ob­jects in the en­vi­ron­ments, ev­ery­thing looks and moves more re­al­is­ti­cally.

The ac­tion on of­fer in­cludes a sin­gle­player story mode, along with the ev­er­pop­u­lar mul­ti­player skir­mishes, as well as new spec- ops mis­sions which in­volve car­ry­ing out specifi c tasks.

As with most shoot­ers, the sin­gle­player mode’s six chap­ters don’t take long to churn through, con­sist­ing of no­tice­ably shorter mis­sions than in pre­vi­ous games.

They do, how­ever, help sharpen your com­bat skills in prepa­ra­tion for on­line play.

The col­lec­tion of mul­ti­player modes of­fer the usual sus­pects, in­clud­ing cap­tur­ing the other team’s fl ag, freefor- all, and team- based bat­tles for up to 12 play­ers at a time.

Adding some wel­come di­ver­sity, there are now four classes of soldiers to choose from in­clud­ing as­sault, heavy, re­con, and sniper.

While I’ve al­ways felt shoot­ers are bet­ter suited to the tra­di­tional game con­trollers used with home con­soles, the Mod­ern Com­bat se­ries man­ages to pull off the com­plex con­trol sys­tem on a touch screen bet­ter than other games in the genre.

For bet­ter or worse, in a bid to thwart ex­ces­sive game piracy, Mod­ern

Com­bat 5 is an on­line only game, mean­ing you can’t play it un­less you’re con­nected to spe­cial servers via the in­ter­net.

Mod­ern Com­bat 5 comes with a pre­mium price tag for tablets, though you can ex­pect a pre­mium ex­pe­ri­ence.

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