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Star­ring: Chris Pratt, Zoe Sal­dana, Dave Bautista and the voices of Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel.

Direc­tor: James Gunn

MARVEL keeps do­ing no wrong by their many fans. The comic- book entertainment jug­ger­naut has opened the bot­tom drawer, plucked out an ob­scure ti­tle, and de­liv­ered the goods yet again.

There are no big names to be seen ( though two can be heard – more about them later.)

The story is com­plete balder­dash ( a chase across space for a lit­tle trinket with a lot of pow­ers).

The spe­cial- ef­fects work wa­vers through­out ( within a spec­trum rang­ing from out- of- this­world to painted- on- a- back- fence).

And yet, as only the best ac­tion- ad­ven­ture block­busters can do, Guardians of the Galaxy gets on your good side with ease. From the get- go, view­ers will sense

Guardians of the Galaxy feels much more un­pre­dictable – and de­cid­edly less “shaped” – than a typ­i­cal ma­jor Marvel ti­tle.

Chris Pratt stars as Peter Quill, the only Earthling ( aka “Ter­rian”) par­tic­i­pat­ing in this scrappy in­ter­ga­lac­tic tale. He’s half­way across the uni­verse with only a walk­man and his late Mum’s fave mix­tape to re­mind him of home.

This is a gen­uine break­out role for Pratt, and he mas­ters the fi lm’s tricky tonal combo of clever, dumb, crazy and heroic in a fl ash. If you know Pratt’s work in the TV se­ries

Parks and Recre­ation, you can prob­a­bly al­ready sense what a great fi t he is for a role that is Han Solo- meets- In­di­ana Jones- meets- Yogi Bear.

As a quest to fi nd some­thing called an Infi nity Stone picks up mo­men­tum, Peter ac­quires an ec­cen­tric en­tourage that some­how be­comes an elite fi ght­ing unit.

How ec­cen­tric? Well, there is the green Ama­zo­nian as­sas­sin Gamora ( played by Zoe Sal­dana) and the mul­ti­coloured mus­cle­man Drax ( for­mer pro wrestler Dave Bautista), for starters.

Both are fi ne char­ac­ters, but have their thun­der stolen by ( I kid you not) a talk­ing rac­coon ( voiced by Bradley Cooper) and a talk­ing tree ( Vin Diesel).

Rocket is the cyn­i­cal wise­cracker of the pic­ture. Not only does he get the best lines, Cooper gives them ex­tra zing by read­ing them as if vo­cal- coached by Danny DeVito and Joe Pesci at the same time. Kids are go­ing to love his work. Kids will love what Diesel does as Groot the tree even more, de­spite the fact Groot might only have a three- word vo­cab­u­lary (“I am Groot”) at his dis­posal.

Nev­er­the­less, over time, Diesel keeps al­ter­ing the in­to­na­tion of that one phrase to highly ex­pres­sive ef­fect. As a com­plete entertainment pack­age,

Guardians of the Galaxy ticks ev­ery box for a ma­jor hit fran­chise of the fu­ture.

It might ul­ti­mately break down to noth­ing but empty calo­ries, but it is al­ways full- on fun. I re­peat: al­ways.

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