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Sunday Tasmanian - Tassie Living - - PETS - So it was always go­ing to be an­other bor­der collie for you? Luke Bow­den What’s it been like having him for the past seven months? I in­ter­viewed your cousin Amy Bax and her dog Lot­tie a cou­ple of weeks ago for this col­umn. We found out Lot­tie isn’t re­ally

VE­TERI­NARY nurse Jess Fox was born in Tas­ma­nia but moved with her fam­ily to Syd­ney in 1997 and only re­turned in July last year.

Back in those hal­cyon days grow­ing up at Dodges Ferry, she had a bor­der collie named Patch, so it was only ap­pro­pri­ate one of the fi rst things on the agenda when she ar­rived home again was to get an­other one, aptly named Arnie. Defi nitely. My part­ner Mark and I were look­ing for one and Arnie was the last of the lit­ter for sale from a breeder on Bruny Is­land.

We were only go­ing for a look but when we got down there we found out he was the last of the lit­ter for sale so we didn’t have a choice but to get him.

He was the largest of the lit­ter and had an ex­tremely dis­pro­por­tion­ately large head as a puppy.

That’s why we named him Arnie, af­ter Arnold Sch­warzeneg­ger. He’s gen­er­ally pretty well- be­haved. He was a lit­tle naughty … a lit­tle too smart for his own good when he was younger and de­stroyed the usual dossier of be­long­ings ( shoes, socks and cloth­ing).

It’s great liv­ing back down at Dodges Ferry be­cause we’ve got Park Beach on our doorstep – it’s a won­der­ful place to take him for walks, which as a bor­der collie, he likes to do of­ten.

It’s been good for us as well be­cause I prob­a­bly wouldn’t go to the beach all that much if I didn’t have Arnie to take. You defi nitely see his work­ing- dog na­ture come out at the beach. He spends the en­tire time try­ing to round up all the other dogs as if they are sheep or cat­tle.

Mark and I gave him the nick­name Dicky and some­times he goes walk­a­bout at the beach. I don’t re­ally know what other peo­ple think when they see me walk­ing up and down the beach yelling “Dicky” … they prob­a­bly think I’m crazy. Arnie loves all dogs. He’s got such a nice na­ture and will go up to any dog and want to be their friend – even if the other dog is out­wardly in­di­cat­ing it doesn’t want to be friends. Arnie wants to be Lot­tie’s friend but Lot­tie isn’t re­ally that in­ter­ested in be­ing friends with Arnie. He fol­lows me ev­ery­where. At night, he’s found his spot, which is right next to me on the bed. He’s just great com­pany and a whole heap of fun.

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