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Who was the trainer of Fiorente when he won the 2013 Mel­bourne Cup? Which song be­gins with the lyrics “We all came out to Mon­treux”? What colour is the Mal­tese Cross on the state flag of Queens­land? What is arugula more com­monly known as? Which For­mula One team will Se­bas­tian Vet­tel drive for in 2015? Who plays Miss Fisher in the TV se­ries Belon, Olympia and Syd­ney rock are species of which marine creature? Pro­col Harum is best known for which 1967 hit song? Lis­beth Sa­lan­der first ap­peared in which novel by Stieg Lars­son? Hong Kong was a part of which em­pire from 1945 un­til 1997?

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