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The af­fronting an­tics of Sacha Baron Co­hen’s comic cre­ation, Ad­mi­ral Gen­eral Aladeen of Wadiya, mostly make for good bad­taste com­edy. An equalop­por­tu­nity op­pres­sor from the north of Africa – imag­ine an even- mad­der ver­sion of the late Libyan mad­man Muam­mar Gaddafi – Aladeen has been a ruth­less ruler since age seven. Now he’s in the US, try­ing to ex­plain why he’s been stock­pil­ing ura­nium for “clean en­ergy pur­poses”. After an er­ratic start, The Dic­ta­tor locks into a galling groove that of­ten shocks view­ers into laugh­ing against their bet­ter judg­ment. Co­hen is in his best form since Bo­rat, fi ring off jokes at the ex­pense of any­one and ev­ery­one. His abil­ity to get away with ma­te­rial other co­me­di­ans dare not touch re­mains as ap­pallingly au­da­cious as ever. Yes, you will be off ended. But there’s no hope of not laugh­ing at a fi lm ded­i­cated “in loving mem­ory of Kim Jong- il”. ★ ★ ★

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