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Un­der the un­cre­ative con­trol of Sylvester Stal­lone as direc­tor, writer and lead­ing man, this Ne­an­derthal ac­tion fl ick bulls- eyes so- bad-it’s- sad from the start. The fea­tured cast ( com­pris­ing Ja­son Statham, Jet Li, some wrestlers, ul­ti­mate fi ghters and as­sorted D- lis­ters such as Eric Roberts) rarely give the im­pres­sion they’re all that in­ter­ested in what is go­ing on. How­ever, this is very much Stal­lone’s movie, which he ru­ins with his ter­ri­ble non- act­ing and that eerie, wax­work ap­pear­ance he is sport­ing. As for The Ex­pend­ables’ plot of a group of mer­ce­nar­ies on a sui­cide mission to South Amer­ica? Well, it is a mo­ronic throw­back to the gory, glory days of Stal­lone’s own Rambo se­ries. Ex­punge­able.

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