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11PM, TDT ★★

There is more to like than to loathe in No Strings At­tached. The hearts- and-flow­ers crowd should like this rom- com, how­ever those who con­sciously keep their cin­e­matic palate sugar- free had best keep their dis­tance. If only be­cause it is too soon af­ter the mind- melt­ing Black

Swan to cop Natalie Port­man in any­thing so inane. She plays a doc­tor with no time for a re­la­tion­ship, but maybe enough time for sex. En­ter Ash­ton Kutcher, as the guy sure to sour a sweet deal by want­ing some­thing more than phys­i­cal from the physi­cian.



10PM, GO! ★

For those who were lucky enough to not see the orig­i­nal

Un­der­world, here is what you missed: Kate Beck­in­sale in a rub­ber cat­suit. Lots of greasy- haired dudes with coloured con­tact lenses. An an­cient blood feud be­tween fash­ion- vic­tim vam­pires and not- so- stylish were­wolves. And guns. Lots of guns. Fir­ing bul­lets that nearly al­ways hit their tar­gets, but rarely kill them. Lit­tle has changed in the shonky se­quel Un­der­world: Evo­lu­tion, the whole bul­lets is­sue has be­come truly an­noy­ing the sec­ond time around. Never has so much ammo been fi red in a movie for such a low body count.



9.30PM, 7MATE ★★

With heavy help­ings of bare breasts, jelly wrestling, keg par­ties and as­sorted sex­ual dys­func­tions, Old

School is unashamedly a fi lm for guys. The ini­tial set- up holds some fl eet­ing prom­ise as it in­tro­duces us to three 30- some­thing friends who can’t let go of their glory days at uni­ver­sity. When easy­go­ing Mitch ( Luke Wil­son) dis­cov­ers his fi­ancée ( Juliette Lewis) is about to host an orgy to which he is not in­vited, he moves to a new house ad­join­ing his old school and Op­er­a­tion Re­gres­sion be­gins in earnest. Smooth-talker Beanie ( Vince Vaughn) chris­tens the bach­e­lor pad with an open- door boozea- thon ( with Snoop Dogg in at­ten­dance), which awak­ens a long- dor­mant en­thu­si­asm for nu­dity in the new­ly­wed Frank ( Will Fer­rell). The laugh rate drops from there, de­spite the best eff orts of Fer­rell.



8.30PM, GO! ★★

Although the fi nal in­stal­ment in this sem­i­nal se­ries of sci- fi block­busters will not dis­ap­point the fans spawned by The Ma­trix and Ma­trix Reloaded, the cryptic fi nale of Rev­o­lu­tions takes its sweet time to hit its stride. How­ever, once the Ma­chines de­scend upon the un­der­ground colony of Zion and Neo ( Keanu Reeves) proves his cre­den­tials as the One, the scene is set for a truly awe- inspiring fi nale.



9.30PM, ELEVEN ★★★

A fresh in­take of hope­ful hoofers at New York’s pres­tige Amer­i­can Ballet Cen­tre are in­formed that only six of them will be ac­cepted for fur­ther stud­ies in danc­ing and pranc­ing. Sounds a bit like Sur­vivor- ina- tutu, doesn’t it? A peppy lit­tle pirou­ette around and about what it takes to fol­low a dream, with plenty of high­en­ergy dance rou­tines and pleas­ant per­for­mances from a largely un­known cast.



8.40PM, GEM ★★★★

The last of the great movie westerns. Clint East­wood ( who also di­rects) plays a born- again shooter who links up with his old gun­sling­ing part­ner ( Mor­gan Free­man) and a short- sighted up­start ( Jaimz Wool­vett) to take on one last job, com­plet­ing a hit on two red­neck cow­boys who dis­fig­ured a pros­ti­tute. The real star of the show here is Gene Hackman, play­ing the psy­chotic town sher­iff stand­ing in the way of the trio’s bounty. Hackman’s clash with Richard Har­ris ( a sparkling cameo as a toffy English gun­man) gives the movie the kick- start it needs af­ter a som­bre be­gin­ning, and the in­evitable fi nal con­fronta­tion with East­wood is ut­terly elec­tric.



5PM, 7MATE ★★★

Laugh for laugh, goof for goof and gag for gag, Will Fer­rell is the fun­ni­est man in mo­tion pic­tures. Fer­rell is in top form in Kick­ing & Scream­ing, and that is all that mat­ters if you have been with him for the win­ning streak of wack­i­ness stretch­ing from Zoolan­der and Elf through to ab­sur­dist master­piece An­chor­man. What al­lows Fer­rell to shine in Kick­ing & Scream­ing is the sheer bland­ness of its plot, which traces the same every­man-loser- coach­eskids-to- be- win­ners arc that took The Bad News Bears and Mighty Ducks to mi­nor pre­mier­ships. Fer­rell plays a re­luc­tant soc­cer coach try­ing to slap some pol­ish on some tar­nished, tal­ent­less tykes, one of whom is his son. The high­lights are Fer­rell’s de­ranged de­liv­ery of mo­ti­va­tional speeches – largely im­pro­vised and al­ways in­ap­pro­pri­ate – to his young team.

Wild west: Clint East­wood and Mor­gan Free­man as gun- sling­ing out­laws in Un­for­given.

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