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8.30PM, ELEVEN When it comes to play­ing it dumb, the smartest op­er­a­tor around is Will Fer­rell. He’s in crack­ing form in this com­edy set in the weird, wild world of com­pe­ti­tion ice- skat­ing. Fer­rell’s hope­lessly ab­surd odd- cou­ple repar­tee with co- star Jon Heder is priceless. The pair play dis­graced Olympic fi gure- skaters who join forces to beat a life­time ban from com­pe­ti­tion.



8.30PM, FOX­TEL PRE­MIERE A very like­able light com­edy. Jon Favreau plays Carl Casper, a once- ac­claimed cook whose cut­ting edge has been blunted by too many ca­reer com­pro­mises. The many scenes of fi nessed food- prep un­der pres­sure – par­tic­u­larly once Carl re­dis­cov­ers his love of Cuban street cui­sine – are ex­e­cuted to per­fec­tion. The ban­ter be­tween those turn­ing up the heat on Carl and those chow­ing down on his cre­ations is loose, lively and un­forced. Co- stars Scar­lett Jo­hans­son, Sofi a Ver­gara, Dustin Hoff man, Robert Downey Jr.




A Girls’ Own One Flew Over The Cuckoo Nest, fea­tur­ing a mis- cast Wi­nona Ry­der as a trou­bled teenage men­tal pa­tient. Only a blis­ter­ing one- woman- stand by An­gelina Jolie ( for which she won an Os­car) saves this turgid psy­chodrama from get­ting even worse.



8.30PM, GO! Star­ring Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gor­don- Le­vitt, this con­vo­luted tale of dreams within dreams and bur­glary of the sub­con­scious is a glo­ri­ous mess of con­tra­dic­tions. Both a must­see and a go- fi gure from writer- direc­tor Christo­pher Nolan ( The Dark Knight). You ( and your brain) have been warned.



6.40PM, FOX­TEL THRILLER The wid­owed mother of two chil­dren al­ler­gic to nat­u­ral light bat­tles to keep her off spring in the dark when she learns of the pres­ence of ghost spir­its in her man­sion home. Although The Sixth Sense has raised the bar for this type of fare, The Oth­ers fi nds its own way to ex­plore a se­lect wave­length of eerie chills and sud­den scares with an at­ten­tion to de­tail that makes it one of the best psy­cho­log­i­cal hor­ror fi lms of re­cent times. Boasts a fi ne per­for­mance from Ni­cole Kid­man and a shock­ingly de­light­ful trap­door end­ing.



10.10AM, FOX­TEL MASTER­PIECE Ed­ward Nor­ton stars as a gifted ma­gi­cian who takes Vi­enna by storm at the turn of the last cen­tury. Un­like

The Pres­tige, it re­fuses to give away any of the con­jur­ers’ tricks of the trade, al­low­ing the mys­tery to keep build­ing on sev­eral lev­els. Stars Paul Gia­matti and Jes­sica Biel.

Ice­ca­pade: Will Fer­rell and John Heder go for gold in Blades of Glory.

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