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Let us never for­get the fi rst two Die Hard movies were rip­ping, grip­ping pulp en­ter­tain­ment. That was more than two decades ago. Now here’s Die Hard 5, which is as hazily for­get­table as the pre­vi­ous two. Most will fi le it away for fu­ture trivia quizzes as “the one where John McClane goes to Moscow’’. John has an es­tranged son named Jack ( Jai Court­ney) who is in trou­ble in Rus­sia so he goes over to save him. But Jack doesn’t need sav­ing, as he’s re­ally work­ing un­der­cover for the CIA. So be­gins a medium-paced merry- go- round of blam- blam- blam and blah­blah- blah, which in­cludes a dou­ble- cross twist that is too easy to pick and sev­eral dodgy Rus­sian ac­cents that are too hard to stom­ach.

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