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A bril­liant se­quel to 2005’ s fran­chise- rein­vig­o­rat­ing Bat­man Be­gins. This an­grily adrenalised and un­apolo­get­i­cally force­ful block­buster is a su­per­hero movie par ex­cel­lence, pit­ting a confl icted Bat­man ( Chris­tian Bale) against psy­cho­pathic new- cri­mon- the- block The Joker ( the late Heath Ledger). Some hard­line and of­ten malev­o­lent stuff go­ing on here, but there is real in­tel­li­gence and artistry thrown into the mix at all times. The act­ing is top- notch ( led by an amaz­ing Ledger in one of his last roles) and the ac­tion se­quences are up there with the best. Highly, heav­ily rec­om­mended. Co- stars Aaron Eck­hart and Michael Caine.

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