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9PM, ONE ★ ★

While shoot­ing a block­buster war fi lm in the wilds of Viet­nam, a cast of ego­cen­tric ac­tors be­comes en­gaged in a run­ning bat­tle with lo­cal drug lords. The per­form­ers think it’s all part of a show be­ing fi lmed with se­cret cam­eras, which only fur­ther en­rages the en­emy. De­spite an all- star cast of fun­ny­men – led by Ben Stiller, Jack Black and a bril­liant Robert Downey Jr – this high- con­cept, low­im­pact farce doesn’t quite stir up a per­fect storm of mirth. Never be­fore has a seem­ingly throw­away com­edy re­quired so much heavy lift­ing from the viewer. Good enough, but it should have been great.

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