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Vin­cent Hanna ( Al Pa­cino) is one of those cops who has been chewed up and spat out by the very sys­tem he used to be­lieve in so much. He rails so hard against what he knows to be un­just that there is sim­ply no room for jus­tice in his own life. Then along comes chameleon crook Neil McCauley ( Robert DeNiro) and his crack troop of high- rolling thieves. McCauley is about to pull off the job of a life­time, and woe be­tide any­one stupid enough to stand in his way. Un­be­liev­ably, this was the fi rst fi lm to bring to­gether DeNiro and Pa­cino, and the scene in which they fi nally come face to face – a lengthy ex­change in a late- night diner – is the high­point of an in­tel­li­gent and ex­cit­ing ac­tioner that’s jam- packed with great mo­ments. A crack sup­port­ing cast in­cludes Val Kilmer, Natalie Port­man, Tom Sizemore and Ash­ley Judd.

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