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9.30PM, TDT ★★★★

Will Fer­rell ( Elf, Old School) is su­perbly cast as Ron Bur­gundy, an ego­cen­tric leg­end of TV’s nightly news who could only have ex­isted in the 1970s. A stri­dently silly com­edy that regularly goes off - topic for some bril­liantly bonkers se­quences in­clud­ing a hi­lar­i­ous street fi ght be­tween ri­val news­read­ers, and Ron’s Hen­drix- inspired fl ute solo dur­ing a late- night jam ses­sion. Keeps a win­ning brand of an­ar­chic ab­sur­dity to the fore through­out. Great, grat­ing fun.

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