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Most movies about the mil­i­tary stick like glue to the old cliche that “war is hell”. The Hurt Locker dares to en­ter the psy­che of a soldier through a diff er­ent door. It’s all there in the four words that ap­pear on the screen be­fore this ex­tra­or­di­nary fi lm ar­rives at its fi rst scene: “war is a drug”. Sgt Wil­liam James ( Jeremy Ren­ner), a mav­er­ick bomb dis­posal spe­cial­ist based in Bagh­dad, is very much an ad­dict. Over two grip­ping hours, we will learn why he in­jects him­self into deathly sit­u­a­tions com­pletely at odds with a hu­man be­ing’s fun­da­men­tal in­stinct to live. Di­rected by Kathryn Bigelow.

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