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9.30PM, ONE ★★ ★ ★ This mod­ern- day mil­i­tary clas­sic from Steven Spiel­berg is so force­fully bril­liant, any num­ber of re­peats will never be­come too much of a good thing. What­ever you do, don’t miss that stun­ning open­ing bar­rage – a sober­ing, sad­den­ing restag­ing of the D- Day land­ing. MON­DAY


8.30PM, SBS 2 ★★ ★ ★ The most in­tense blast of re­al­ism ever fi red by an Aus­tralian fi lm­maker ( fi rst­time writer- di­rec­tor Ge­off rey Wright) is a chill­ing study of gang vi­o­lence. Though it had many de­trac­tors upon re­lease – David Strat­ton fa­mously called for all prints to be burnt – no one can deny the fe­roc­ity with which it as­saults the viewer. TUES­DAY


1.25AM, SBS 2 ★★ ★ ★ Set the recorder for this su­perb Span­ish thriller about a dis­traught mother’s search for her miss­ing child. A sim­ple hy­brid of old­fash­ioned ghost story and mod­ern psy­cho­log­i­cal hor­ror that plays its au­di­ence’s fears like a pi­ano. WED­NES­DAY

BAD NEIGH­BOURS 10.10PM, FOX­TEL, PRE­MIERE MOVIES ★★ ★ Not since Brides­maids has a US com­edy chan­nelled the chor­tles like what tran­spires here. As with Brides­maids, Bad Neigh­bours al­ways plays hard, of­ten gets dirty and re­fuses to let any mo­men­tum achieved sub­side for a mo­ment. Zac Efron plays the pres­i­dent of a rau­cous col­lege fra­ter­nity that moves into a house along­side the dream home of young mar­ried cou­ple Seth Ro­gen and Rose Byrne. When diplo­matic eff orts to si­lence their neigh­bours’ hard- par­ty­ing an­tics prove use­less, the cou­ple fi nd them­selves in an everesca­lat­ing war of puerile pranks. The funny stuff rarely lets up. THURS­DAY


9PM, ELEVEN ★★ ★ ★ Five testy high- school kids trapped in week­end de­ten­tion learn more in a day than most of us ever do in a life­time in this beau­ti­fully crafted ensem­ble piece from writer- di­rec­tor John Hughes. The key to the im­mense dra­matic grip Hughes has on these char­ac­ters is how he con­tin­u­ally shifts the al­liances be­tween them. The uni­ver­sal ap­peal of Hughes’ script will have you be­liev­ing you went to school with ev­ery­body seen here. Stars Molly Ring­wald, Emilio Estevez, Judd Nel­son and Ally Sheedy. FRI­DAY


11.05PM, SBS ★★ ★ A ten­ta­tive, in­con­clu­sive take on what it’s like to be young, in love and on heroin. Ab­bie Cor­nish and the late Heath Ledger do the his ’ n’ hers habit thing, hit­ting an early high be­fore plum­met­ing to a se­ries of shock­ing lows. Per­for­mances are ex­cel­lent, but won’t mean much un­less you, too, are both hope­lessly ro­man­tic and hope­lessly ad­dicted. Co- stars Ge­off rey Rush. SATUR­DAY


9PM, SBS ★★ ★ ★ For the type of view­ers who long to lose them­selves com­pletely in a movie – a stun­ning French com­e­dy­fan­tasy about a mis­chievous young woman ( Au­drey Tautou) who uses her love of prac­ti­cal jokes, white lies and crack­pot schemes to im­prove the lives of oth­ers. Im­pos­si­bly in­fec­tious. An in­stant clas­sic.

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