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If you’re go­ing to smoosh to­gether two gen­res for fun and profit, smoosh wisely. The am­bi­tious, yet er­ratic, 1999 Will Smith ve­hi­cle Wild Wild West left a lin­ger­ing sus­pi­cion the clas­sic western and SFX- driven science fic­tion are not so com­pat­i­ble. This is con­clu­sive proof open prairies and outer space don’t mix. Cowboys & Aliens is such a de­ba­cle no one will dare try the combo again. Daniel Craig plays an ex- out­law who has de­clared war on the slimy space mon­sters that killed his wife for or­gan­har­vest­ing pur­poses. He is joined by Har­ri­son Ford as a land baron who re­cently lost his son ( Paul Dano) in sim­i­lar cir­cum­stances.

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