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The orig­i­nal Austin Pow­ers film, 1997’ s In­ter­na­tional Man of Mys­tery, wasn’t much chop. The ti­tle char­ac­ter just wasn’t fully formed enough to carry a film on his own, and more gags missed than hit. The 1999 fol­low- up, The Spy Who Shagged Me, was a ma­jor im­prove­ment, thanks largely to an ex­panded role for the bom­bas­ti­cally bent Dr Evil at the ex­pense of Austin, and the cre­ation of height- chal­lenged hell­raiser Mini- Me and the de­light­fully dis­gust­ing Fat Bas­tard. Un­for­tu­nately, Goldmember is so hell- bent on re­cy­cling all that has gone be­fore, it backpedals into the same lame, in­con­sis­tent ter­ri­tory cov­ered by the first movie. De­spite a loopy new vil­lain and the choice cast­ing of Michael Caine as Austin’s old man, Mike My­ers is sim­ply go­ing through the mo­tions here.

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