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1 A friend con­sumed it but it stays on the roof of his mouth (6) 7 The ed­u­cated al­ter it

at some point (8) 8 I’ll be blunt, they get us to bet with noth­ing avail­able (6) 9 Com­plies with that re­quired then puts it to­gether (8) 10 Mean­ing un­der

can­vas? (6) 11 How to re­peat a mu­si­cal en­ter­tain­ment (8) 14 Sporty but the French get an­gry with the East (8) 18 Quote it again or re­peat it from mem­ory (6) 19 Is able to bear to the right and find the city (8) 21 Re­leases a lot of let­ting con­tracts (6) 22 Grum­bled about that

mongrel deer (8) 23 They take the wool from her con­fused don­key (6)


1 A dropout to be­gin with and so waste­ful too (8) 2 Cur­rently to pro­duce this menu you re­quire keen in­sight (6) 3 They vote or se­lect as

it were (8) 4 How to split with a

male cat (4) 5 All at sea but happy

with it (6) 6 Bear wit­ness that I was present for the exam (6) 12 Those mere lads have be­come so pre­cious to me (8) 13 Sat­is­fies them with two por­tions of peas (8) 15 Amer­ica uses our al­pha­bet and you can count on this (6) 16 Dis­count de­manded on a bro­ken-down beater (6) 17 To en­ter a cave and call it the eighth of a se­ries (6) 20 How to rear some­thing seen as be­ing un­com­mon (4)

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