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1 Which team won the 2011 AFL premier­ship? 2 Which Aus­tralian cap­i­tal city is known as the “City of Churches?” 3 Are tur­tles am­phib­ians or rep­tiles? 4 Who is the au­thor of the chil­dren’s clas­sic Wind in the Wil­lows? 5 Which con­tro­ver­sial paint­ing did the Aus­tralian Gov­ern­ment, un­der Gough Whitlam, buy in 1973 for $1.3mil­lion? 6 Who won last year’s Brown­low Medal and for which club does he play? 7 Nyc­to­pho­bia is the fear of what? 8 Which band had a 1979 world­wide hit with My Sharona? 9 The Pres­i­dent’s Cup and Ry­der Cup are team com­pe­ti­tions in which sport? 10 How many bones are in a hu­man hand?

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