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HOL­LY­WOOD heavy-hitter Bradley Cooper liked Lim­it­less, the 2011 movie he starred in, so much, he signed on as ex­ec­u­tive pro­ducer of the TV spin-off.

And he’ll also make a rare TV ap­pear­ance to reprise his movie role of Ed­die Morra in the first episode.

Part thriller, part pro­ce­dural and lots of ac­tion, Lim­it­less stars Jake McDor­man as Brian Finch, who dis­cov­ers the power of a mys­te­ri­ous drug called NZT-48 which in­creases his IQ and gives him per­fect re­call of ev­ery­thing he has ever read, heard or seen.

For Cooper, the TV adap­ta­tion and the choice of McDor­man were no-brain­ers.

“We had talked about it a lot ac­tu­ally once the movie had been suc­cess­ful – that just there seems like such a po­ten­tial for more story,” Cooper says.

“You know there’s no end to what you could ex­plore, hon­estly. There’s room for it to go any­where.”

Cooper worked with McDor­man on Amer­i­can Sniper and when the cast­ing di­rec­tor sug­gested him for the role of Finch, Cooper new he was the per­fect fit.

“I just re­ally loved him [in Amer­i­can Sniper],” he said.

“When they brought his name up first I just thought, ‘I can’t be­lieve I didn’t even think of that’.

“It was just sort of the per­fect mar­riage of Jake want­ing to do it at this time in his ca­reer and the per­fect role for him.

“It’s re­ally an op­por­tu­nity for him to ex­plore so many things as an ac­tor – play­ing the drama, the com­edy, his mu­si­cal abil­ity that he has in­nately ac­tu­ally and then the whole idea of be­ing an ac­tion star.”



By Deb­bie Schipp

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