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This hand calls for some care­ful plan­ning es­pe­cially as the con­tract is not very good. North’s re­bid of 4C is a splin­ter bid show­ing a sin­gle­ton or void in clubs and suf­fi­cient val­ues for game. South now ex­pects that the part­ner­ship holds 25+hcp in the suits other than clubs and no club loser. That sug­gests there are plenty val­ues for slam which he bids when the diamond con­trol is clar­i­fied. The North hand is just a smidge short of the im­plied val­ues es­pe­cially if trumps hap­pen to be 4-1. How­ever, they are 3-2 to­day and West leads the JS and de­clarer’s job is to make twelve tricks.

De­clarer saw that he needed trumps to be 3-2 and to have some luck in the red suits to make his con­tract. How­ever, there were real trans­porta­tion dif­fi­cul­ties be­tween the two hands. If the diamond fi­nesse were suc­cess­ful, only one club ruff was needed, but if it were off­side, two club ruffs would be nec­es­sary. Fur­ther­more, if de­clarer took a diamond fi­nesse at trick two and it lost he would no longer have the en­tries to take two club ruffs. So what is your plan?

De­clarer then con­sid­ered what would hap­pen if he gave up on the diamond fi­nesse. The only is­sue was that while he could ruff two clubs, his only en­try back to hand af­ter the sec­ond ruff would be with a heart ruff.

Af­ter some thought, de­clarer de­cided the sec­ond ap­proach was more ap­peal­ing. He took the first trick with queen of trumps, then cashed ace of clubs and ruffed a club. The next card he called for sur­prised ev­ery­one at the ta­ble, par­tic­u­larly East: it was dummy’s ten of di­a­monds. East took this with the queen and ex­ited with a trump. Af­ter win­ning this in hand with the king, de­clarer ruffed another club. There was only one way back to hand, in hearts, so de­clarer cashed the acek­ing of hearts and ruffed a heart. When that passed off suc­cess­fully, de­clarer drew the last trump with the ace while throw­ing dummy’s re­main­ing heart. This left dummy with just the three high di­a­monds to cash.

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