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WHERE you come to stand on Leg­end will come down to your per­cep­tion of value. Two Tom Hardys for the price of one? Reads like a bar­gain, doesn’t it? Un­til you check the fine print, that is. For it doesn’t take long for this half­baked gang­ster flick to make it plain you’ve paid overs on an un­der­whelm­ing ex­pe­ri­ence. Hardy plays both Regi­nald and Ron­ald Kray, the no­to­ri­ous twin psy­chopaths who briefly lorded over Lon­don’s crime scene in the 1960s. While the lead­ing man (much like Johnny Depp in Black Mass) is spook­ily ef­fec­tive in most scenes, there’s no get­ting away from the fact Leg­end is gorm­lessly glo­ri­fy­ing two aw­ful hu­man be­ings who have al­ready had too much ad­mir­ing at­ten­tion. Co-stars Emily Browning.

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