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1 They’re such a flighty lot! (6) 7 What a trial hav­ing to tee off when one has learned well (8) 8 Tempt them to freeze

it af­ter ten (6) 9 You pro­duce one and in the end it gets green (8) 10 Ro­tate a Greek back­wards and he’ll eat it (6) 11 Be­seeches one to en­ter the Ap­ple Isle, as it were (8) 14 Was seen to get a cold so has been kept in (8) 18 The dan­gers of wear­ing slip­pers a lot (6) 19 And go out with a cool one when at­tend­ing a dance (8) 21 It be­comes clear that I’d get tired and lack­ing vi­tal­ity (6) 22 How they pro­duce

green tea (8) 23 How one was spared

the over­lay (6)


1 It gets ripe and so ob­tains a good name (8) 2 Al­ter­na­tively I take

ten to the East (6) 3 They’re tired of hold­ing the rails then? (8) 4 Some hostages are all

male (4) 5 There’s noth­ing on this moun­tain but fruit (6) 6 Bear wit­ness that I was at the ex­am­i­na­tion (6) 12 Was told about peas be­ing fed to those lit­tle ones (8) 13 Be­came qui­eter when it fell to the bot­tom (8) 15 Point to a con­sumer that is more tidy (6) 16 Such ideals are de­manded by more cul­tured women (6) 17 Me port it! Would start a fit of trem­bling (6) 20 Some­one ap­pre­ci­ates

such a low tide! (4)

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