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This is from a teams match where North-South are not favourites. I not sure how much was mis­judg­ment and how much was ag­gres­sion but South caught a good dummy for 7NT and West got off to a quiet heart lead. De­clarer de­cided to com­bine chances in the mi­nors by try­ing to drop one queen and then fi­nesse for the other. Since de­clarer has more di­a­monds than clubs, he played the AKD and then took the club fi­nesse and went one down. It may not be clear what other chances there are but con­sider th­ese three facts. If some­one has both mi­nor suit queens and you cash the eight ma­jor suit tricks, that per­son has to come down to five cards so one of the queens is now drop­ping! Sim­i­larly, if the per­son with four spades has the queen of clubs and de­clarer cashes seven red suit tricks then they can’t keep 4 spades and guard the QC. The same holds for a de­fender with 4 spades and the QD af­ter seven heart-club win­ners are cashed. It seems we can make the con­tract if we choose the cor­rect squeeze!

Just for fun, change East’s 7H into the 7S so that each de­fend­ers now guard spades and a mi­nor. Now win the QH and cash AC, AD, KD and then run all but one of the hearts throw­ing two di­a­monds.

As you play the last heart, West has to un­guard spades. Now cash the KC and East has to sur­ren­der. This is the cor­rect line be­cause it plays the two spade-mi­nor squeezes where the mi­nor suit squeeze only plays one squeeze.

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