No. 1525

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3 Free us from such bile then shed a tear (8)

7 To find a green in such dis­or­der will make me an­gry (6)

8 You’ll need a nat­u­ral ten­dency to find the an­swer (8)

9 It’s so pow­er­ful and has a lot of po­ten­tial (6)

10 This will slay you! (8)

11 Be­comes a leader in the trad­ing busi­ness (6)

14 Put your money into un­der­wear (6) 17 Teas served out on the range by a se­nior ranker (8) 18 Property to be had at the East­ern part of the coun­try (6) 19 A party tip on how to be taken up for? (8) 20 A small seal can prove most test­ing (6) 21 Spill tea and a rust will ap­pear to soak in (8)


1 Fin­ish it and Rose will come out to give it her ap­proval (7) 2 Be on side with

this (7)

3 The real fash­ion

jacket’s ma­te­rial (7)

4 Pub­lished and noted with both eyes (7)

5 I’ve to catch a bus and you’re so in­sult­ing (7)

6 The first lady takes a rest on a tall moun­tain (7)

11 The month Sid’s to be let out really disheartens me (7)

12 To be fair, porters may ap­pear to be flighty (7)

13 Votes like most se­lec­tors do (7)

14 Up­tight when camp­ing out? Sounds like it (7)

15 Give in to the set and ac­cept just a trace of it (7)

16 Most seem about to get to her just to choke her (7)

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